A Thai Yoga massage is a meditative form of massage. With gentile dynamic movements and pression I will bring your body into stretches on the pace of our synchronized breathing. With the massage I will focus on repairing the flow of energy in your body and taking away tension and blockades in muscles. Taking of your clothes is not necesary. I will give the massage on a mat on the ground as you will be lying on a soft massagemat. A Therapeutic flight on my feet could be part of the massage.

A Thay Yoga massage can be given at my place in El Carme in Valencia or on location (your place/office or outdoor in the park or on the beach).

Cost are 30 euros per hour here in Valencia.

Want to learn Thai Yoga massage?
I will plan a Workshop Thai Yoga massage 1-2 times a year. During this workshop you will learn some basic techniques to give a basic Thai Yoga massage to someone. De workshop starts with an introduction and a Acro Yoga Lunar warm-up to prepare yourself for giving a massage. Than I will show you what we are going to learn. Than you will give and receive a Thai Yoga massage yourself. You can apply alone or with a partner. Check on the page Yoga Workshops for the next scheduled workshop or contact me for more info.
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