Ki is the flow of universal life energy. It exists in all living creatures and is the very source of that what makes us "alive".

Working with this wonderful energy is a gift. It can work as a powerful selfhealing tool and can be transferred to other living creatures.

In a Reiki treatment the universal life energy is guided through my hands to your body. The energy flow will remove blockades of energy and rebalance a free flow of energy in your body.

With help of a set of Reiki II symbols the energy flow can be boosted and a bridge in time and space can be created to guide universal energy.

The Reiki III symbol completes the set of official Reiki tools to help spreading the free flow of this living energy in others.

A Reiki session can be given at my place in El Carme in Valencia, on location (your place/office or outdoor in the park or on the beach) or at distance if it is not possible to meet up.

Cost are 20 euro per session and can be arranged here in Valencia, or at distance during a videocall.

Contact me for more info on +34 691 509 595 or
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